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Whether you are seeking a temporary, permanent or a contract position we will always take the time to listen to you and understand your needs & ambitions. Our experience enables us to work effectively with candidates from all backgrounds at all stages of their career and we are here to help you develop a job search and recruitment plan that works for you, and to secure the position that meets your needs.

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Think of your CV as your shop window, often the presentation will encourage or possibly even discourage people from coming into your shop so it has to be attractive, clear, interesting. This is your first point of sale contact – make sure it has impact and is inviting.

There are no hard and fast rules, CV writing is not set in stone. The format you choose, whether it is chronological, functional or a combination of both will determine how you promote your skills and will make it easier to see that it is relevant to the position you are applying for.


Some of the best candidates fail at interview stage because they do not prepare and don’t know what to expect. The better prepared that you are the more confident you will be.

  • Ensure that you have researched the company that you are being interviewed at well.

  • Try getting hold of any literature, look at their website, search for any recent news stories and look on too. If the opportunity arises you will be able to demonstrate interest in the company.

  • Dress to impress! Always go for smart and professional rather than trendy.

  • Plan your route and allow plenty of time to get to the interview.

  • Be aware of your body language. Crossed arms for example indicate hostility or a barrier. Adopt good posture and make sure that you smile.

  • You must be able to back up and expand on your CV information rather than simply repeating what is written, a good interviewer will probe these points.

  • Transferable skills are the most important factors to highlight.

  • Communicate as positively as possible and try not to use weak answers, for example
    “I can” instead of “I think I can”.

  • Be confident and outgoing but don’t constantly interrupt the interviewer. Do not answer in single syllables i.e. yes and no but at the same time keep to the line of questioning don’t ramble and go off at a tangent.

  • If you don’t understand a question, ask, don’t guess.

  • Always prepare some questions to ask at interview in advance. Some examples are shown further down this page.

  • At the end of the interview always thank them for their time and remember to keep smiling

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